Frequently Asked Questions

Please be aware that NFWS has a morning and afternoon rental period for our Pontoon Boats. We will accommodate rental changes to the best of our ability, but because of other bookings, it may not always be possible.

If you wish to go from a full day or full day extended rental to a half day, this can always be accommodated, however, extending your rental at the last minute will need to be discussed with our staff so that we can check for remaining afternoon slots.

“If we give a deposit for a full day extended and the day of decide to only do a half day, do we get charged the entire full day extended rate or just the half day?”

Please understand that the fixed deposit you pay when booking is always deducted out of the total rental amount the day of, no matter if you keep the same rental period or choose to go for a shorter amount of time.

Yes. To our East, there are multiple places you can beach the boat to get off. Please do not drive the boat far up onto the sand, as it may become stuck as the tide shifts. Always coast the boat into the beach at slow speed, with the engine tilted up to avoid striking the bottom! Once everyone is off, pull it by hand tight to the shore. Bury the anchor into the sand on the upwind side and tie the rope off to the cleat on the same side. You can pull the rope around the cleat to adjust the snugness of the boat to shore.

Please remember to check on the boat every so often, and make adjustments if needed, as tides can change rapidly!

What’s that thing they always say? Oh yes, get a doctor’s recommendation.
Can you? Yes. Should you? Debatable. Everything comes with risks. This is one we cannot really make recommendations on, hence the line above.

Infant life jackets are not provided. Our smallest jacket will fit a child weighing 50-90 lbs. Please plan on bringing a US Coast Guard approved Life Jacket or Floaties with you when you come!

All around the park, inside and out are inflatable pieces with pads to crawl up onto or foot steps to boost yourself back onto the park.

Absolutely! Paddle Boards can be rented and used along with your Pontoon rental.

We do not provide any of our waivers or rental paperwork online. All paperwork or waivers must be filled out on location. Optionally, rental paperwork can be picked up and filled out ahead of time, then brought back at the time of rental.

Our waterpark is rated for a max of 65 persons.

The Wibit Waterpark opens at 9:00am. Tickets for the last hour of the day will be sold until 5:30pm.

All deposits taken while booking are credited towards your rental. Deposit refunds are only given if weather becomes a factor or if a cancellation is made at least 48 hours in advance.

Fuel and life jackets are included in the price of your rental. If you need to refuel during the time of your rental, you can do so free of charge at our facility. However, refueling at locations other than ours will be your responsibility.

1/2 Day Rentals
Half day boats have two rental blocks. They can leave at either 8:15am or 1:00pm.

Full Day/Full Day Extended Range Rentals
Full Day and Full Day Extended Range boats leave at 9:00am. You can leave as late in the day as you want, but all boats must be back on the beach no later than 6:30pm!

During our normal season, we are open 7 days a week. Of course, this is weather dependent. Outside of our normal season, we open for equipment reservations only. We will not open on major holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, ect).

Yes. All prices for our Wibit Waterpark are per person.

Waverunners are offered on a first come first serve basis. We will not take reservations or hold a Waverunner for any party.

At NFWS, our goal is to leave you dehydrated, hungry and ticked off..

Oh, wait. That’s not right..
Of course you can bring a cooler. In fact, we highly recommend it! Alcohol may be consumed, but please drink responsibly. Just like driving a car, whoever is elected to operate the Pontoon must not be intoxicated. Intoxicated drivers can be charged with Boating Under the Influence (BUI).

Sorry, but grills are not allowed to be transported or used on our boats.

Fishing from our Kayaks is permitted, although gear and tackle is not provided. Be sure to purchase a fishing license from a nearby vendor (e.g. Walmart or Half Hitch Tackle)!

Bookings may be made online for birthdays or larger groups (10 participants or more). However, this is to give our employees adequate notice that a large group will be showing up. We do not rent out our park to a single party, unless that party exceeds the maximum capacity of the park itself.

Fishing from our Pontoons is permitted, although gear and tackle is not provided. Be sure to purchase a fishing license from a nearby vendor (e.g. Walmart or Half Hitch Tackle)!

When at all possible, we ask that you have no more than 10 per party. Our Pontoons are rated for a max of 12 people (This is a Coast Guard regulation). Comfortably, they will only fit 10. This restriction is in place not only for your comfort, but also for safety, ensuring that our boats are not overloaded.

Because most seating on Pontoons is located on the front of the boat, loading to the max allowable capacity has caused numerous issues. This includes but is not limited to blown out panels from the bow diving into waves, (also resulting in) stress damage, and engines not receiving adequate cooling, which in many cases has lead to customers becoming stranded.

After making this change, we have seen a significant improvement in the comfort of our customers, and the safety and reliability of our vessels.

For these reasons, we ask that you plan accordingly to limit your party to 10 passengers. However, if this is simply not possible, just be aware that by law, we absolutely cannot accommodate any more than 12 persons per Pontoon Boat!

Yes. If you have a valid Boating License or Safety Card from another state, you may use it in the State of Florida. Please ensure you bring a photo ID with you as well, as both are State requirements.

Dolphin Excursions are priced per Waverunner. You will not be charged per person!

Our cancellation policy is set at 48hrs in advance. If you meet this deadline, you are eligible to get your deposit back. Cancellations after this deadline will have their deposit forfeited, with the only exception being for adverse weather conditions.

Everyone that will be driving or riding on any watercraft (including kayaks and paddle boards) at Navarre Family Watersports will need to be on our rental paperwork. Adults 18 or older are required to sign the sheet in person, while a parent or guardian is required to sign off for any minors.

Paperwork is done on a per vessel basis, so if only one Pontoon is rented, all parties will be signing the same sheet. If multiple vessels are rented, for example, 3 Waverunners, then 3 sets of paperwork will be provided. Someone 18 or older must fill out the bulk of each sheet. This can be three different people. Riders or other drivers will need to be signed off on at least one of the sets of paperwork.

Rental paperwork is not available online, however it can be picked up or filled out in advance.

Drivers: Please bring your drivers license with you! It is a state requirement to operate a Vessel or PWC and will need to be on file with us as well!

No. Pontoons must be returned to Navarre Family Watersports no later than 6:30pm every night.

Navarre Family Watersports does not serve alcohol, however drinks can be purchased from the bar next door at Dewey Destin’s. You may also bring your own, however please drink responsibly. Our staff will not allow anyone suspected of being under the influence to operate any of our equipment or partake in any activities that might put yourself or others at risk.

Yes. Please bring your wristbands with you when you return!

We operate two different models of Yamaha Waverunners. One has a slightly smaller frame, but both use the same engine. The smaller Waverunners can hold up to 400lbs, while the larger Waverunners can hold up to 450lbs.

No. Pontoons must remain in the Intercoastal or Sound at all times. They are not rated for open water.

Our single Kayaks can hold up to 325lbs, while our doubles can hold up to 400lbs.

No. Waverunners must remain in the Intercoastal or Sound at all times. They are not rated for open water.

We recommend arriving no later than 15 minutes before your scheduled departure time. This is about the bare minimum of time that it will take for you to complete your rental paperwork and for our crew to brief you.

Yes, but only if you get the 4hr package or greater! This ensures you are not rushed to return the Kayaks / Paddle Boards to our facility.

We do allow infants on our pontoon boats. Each boat has a Bimini top which provides adequate shade on the boat. We recommend not bringing infants on days that are windy or have the possibility of less than favorable conditions. However, the decision is ultimately yours to make!

We do have a small beach area where customers can set up chairs, umbrellas and tents for the duration of your activity/activities, as well as picnic table seating. However, please be mindful that NFWS Staff and equipment will be frequently utilizing this area as well.

Please note that some areas may be off limits for the safety of our customers.

If renting for a hour, Waverunners must leave the beach no later than 5:00pm. If renting for a half hour, Waverunners must leave the beach no later than 5:30pm. If you are looking to rent during this time, please also take into account the time that will be needed to fill out rental paperwork (~2-5 min.), and if needed, a Boater Safety Test (~15-20 min.).

The Wibit Waterpark has a barrier of inflatable buoys providing a visual boundary to keep watercraft away from swimmers. The buoys do not have a net to keep sea life out, as any sea life that may find their way through it could become trapped. Nets are also impossible to keep free of barnacles and oysters and would become a hazard to both swimmers and employees over time.

It is a state requirement that anyone born on or after January 1, 1988, must have a Boater Safety Card to operate a personal watercraft (PWC) or vessel in the state of Florida. Anyone born before January 1, 1988 may operate the Vessel/PWC using their drivers license.

Waterpark tickets are only available for purchase at our facility.

Absolutely! Feel free to bring your Dog(s) with you, but please make sure to clean up after them and help us keep the boat clean for the next guests!

We do not. However, you are more than welcome to transport the Kayak(s) or Paddle Board(s) to a different location yourself. See “Can we transport your Kayaks / Paddle Boards to a different location?” for more information..

No. You will be operating the pontoon yourself, but don’t worry, we will go over the entire boat with you!

Participation age is left completely up to the parent or guardian. Although, by Coast Guard regulation, kids 6 and under must wear a life jacket at all times.

While our main facility is fairly handicap accessible, you would not be able to get down to the beach without help. When it comes to handicap accessibility and our Pontoons, we may load you at a different location. Please reach out to us prior to your rental so that we can make the proper arrangements!

Yes. Navarre Family Watersports provides 12 adult and 6 kids life jackets on board each boat.

No. Our equipment costs the same to operate whether it’s during the summer or during the off-season.

Our hours of operation stay the same for most of the season, but often change when the season is winding down and when we first open for the next season. Our current hours of operation can be found at the bottom of our home page. (Click here to view our hours of operation.)

If you bring 10 or more people, each person receives 2 hours of play time for $15 each or $10 each for large groups of 50 or more.

If valid identification is provided, we offer a 10% discount for all active duty U.S. Military, Veterans, and First Responders on our rentals. For the Waterpark, you will receive two hours for the price of one.

We provide US Coast Guard approved Life Jackets free of charge at our facility, but do not offer any infant floaties. Our smallest jacket will fit a child weighing 50-90 lbs. If you do wish to bring your own jacket or floaties, please ensure they are US Coast Guard approved! If they are approved, it will normally be stated on the information tag or patch!

There is no transportation out to the Waterpark. A sandbar stretches most of the way out to the park, making it fairly easy to walk to. Water depth around the park averages 4.5 feet with 1-2 feet fluctuations in depth occurring on tidal changes. A corridor will guide you out to the park.

Most people who have taken our temporary test have completed it in 20-30 minutes, however it is completely dependent on the person taking the test.

Waverunner Dolphin Excursions last for a total of 2 hours. The first 1.5 hours is guided, while the last 30 minutes you have the option to roam free.

Our Waverunners are rated for up to 3 people, although we recommend only 2 adults or 1 adult and 2 kids at a time. This makes for a more comfortable ride and ensures that our Waverunners are not loaded past their max rated weight limit.

You must be at least 18 years of age to rent. To operate a Pontoon, you must be at least 16 with a valid photo ID, and if you were born on or after January 1, 1988, a Boater Safety Card.

You must be at least 21 years of age to rent and operate a Waverunner at our facility. You must also have a valid photo ID, and if you were born on or after January 1, 1988, a Boater Safety Card.

Temporary safety tests can be administered here at Navarre Family Watersports.
If you are coming for a Dolphin Excursion, please show up early if you need to take a test. Testing normally takes 20-30 minutes, but is completely dependent on the person taking the test.

Neither have I, but after watching numerous people fail, I have concluded that the easiest way to learn the ropes is by starting on your knees until you gain a sense of balance.

Fuel is included in the price of your rental. If you need to refuel during the time of your rental, you can do so free of charge at our facility. However, refueling at locations other than ours will be your responsibility.

No! We have had everyone from kids to grandparents take part in our Wibit Waterpark. Anyone of any age is welcome to participate!

Please see our Pontoon Rental Range Map for a visual guide on our range limitations!

Wibit Waterpark Obstacle Course
We will not close the Wibit Waterpark due to rain. If conditions worsen or lightning becomes a factor, we will close the obstacle course for a set amount of time. We will freeze everyone’s time at the closure. Your time will resume if we reopen the course. If weather is too severe and we have to close for the rest of the day, or you simply wish to leave instead of waiting, rain-checks will be provided.

Pontoon Boats
Please monitor the weather up until your rental. If weather for the day is looking unfavorable, our staff will call you to discuss the conditions and ask if you would like to reschedule. If you are caught in a pop-up storm while renting a Pontoon, you can either choose to wait it out (Check the radar and use your best judgement to determine this, or alternatively, give us a call), return your boat for a partial refund or reschedule for a different date (if adequate rental time remains). If you choose to return your boat, please drive with caution. If lightning becomes a major factor, please beach the boat and wait until it passes.

Waverunner Dolphin Excursions
Our staff monitors the weather up until your excursion. If we believe weather may become an undesirable factor during your excursion, we will notify you. Our goal is to ensure you are comfortable and safe during your tour. If an excursion is cancelled due to weather, your deposit will be refunded or rescheduled for a different day, whichever you prefer.

Waverunners (Jet Skis), Kayaks, & Paddle Boards
If weather becomes a factor, we will not rent out our Waverunners. If you are caught in a storm during your rental, proceed back to our facility with caution. Upon arrival, if adequate rental time remains, you may either get a partial refund, rain-check, or pause your time and finish out the remainder after the storm has passed.

Ropes Course
Our Ropes Course and Zip Line will remain open if rain is light, but our staff on duty will always have the final call. If a staff member determines that rain could become heavy, or if lightning or high winds become a factor, we will shut down the course and rain checks may be requested if reasonable time remains (you hadn’t been on the course for long).

We do allow walk-ups, however we do prefer you to make a reservation if you can. This will help us with planning, especially if you decide to come before closing. For all birthday parties or larger groups, we do ask you to make a reservation to let our staff know that you are coming. We do not charge for Ropes Course reservations!

Water depth averages 4.5 feet around our Wibit Waterpark. Do note that depth may fluctuate a foot or two depending on tides.

A Full Day Extended rental does not increase the time of your rental, but allows you to take the boat past the allowed range of our half and full day rentals. A higher fee is charged due to the additional fuel consumption and insurance that must be carried.

Please see our Pontoon Rental Range Map for a visual guide on our range limitations!

Full Day Extended areas are highlighted in red.

You must wear a life jacket at all times if:

  1. You are riding on or operating a Waverunner (Jet Ski), Paddleboard, or Kayak.
  2. You are a kid 6 or under riding on a Pontoon Boat.
  3. You are a kid 6 or under playing on the Wibit Waterpark.

Anyone born on or after January 1, 1988, must have a Boating Safety Education Identification Card to legally operate a Boat or Personal Watercraft (PWC) in Florida. A temporary test (valid for 90 days) can be administered at our facility.

US residents may also consider taking a free permanent Boating Safety Course through BoatUS. These courses take roughly 3 hours to complete and are more involved than our temporary tests, but have the advantage of being good for life!

Boating Safety Courses

You can Kayak as far as you want, as long as you are back before your rental concludes.

As Dolphins are wild animals and typically don’t follow a schedule, we can’t guarantee you will see any. Although most tours will come across a pod or two, there are always those random tours that may not get that opportunity.

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